Best Beach Holiday Destinations around the world

Best Beach Holiday Destinations around the world.

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Destinations in world

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t one thing more.Do yo●u recognize this handkerchief” “Yes; it ●was found in the

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pocket of t▓he prisoner when he was searched ●at the station-house.” My law●yer g

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ot hold of the handkerchief and exh▓ibited it to me.It was stained dull● brown.“This is blood,” he said.▓ “How did it happen” “I don’t▓ know, I haven’t an idea,”▓ was the utmost I could respond.Epstein loo▓ked more uneasy than before. ▓ “That’s enough, Captain,” said the ▓prosecutor. “But before you leave the stand,▓” put in Epstein, “kindly tel▓l us what the prisoner’s conduct was fro●m the time you took charge of the premise▓s down to the time

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you locked him up.” “At ▓first he acted as though he ▓was crazy; raved and carried on like a madman.A●fterward he became quiet and sort● of dull.At the station-house he fainted away.●” “

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the death of Miss Pathzuol ▓was a thing that pleased him” “No, sir;▓ on the contrary.He acted as though ●it had been a great shock to him.” ▓ “You can go.”

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